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Yamanobe-no-michi and Mt.Miwa

Trekking course and mountain climbing

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If you stay at Ryokan Taishoro, you can enjoy Yamanobe-no-michi hike. Yamanobe-no-michi, which is said to be the oldest road in Japan, is also popular as a trekking course. Many tourists enjoy walking during the spring and autumn tourist seasons.

If your physical strength allows, it is also recommended to try climbing Mt. Miwa. Mt. Miwa, which is said to be the mountain of God, is a place with a sacred atmosphere. Photography and eating are prohibited in Mt. Miwa, but you will have a unique experience.


A persimmon tree found on the Yamanobenomichi Road.

Mt. Miwa is visible to the left of the persimmon tree. Since ancient times, many poets have left songs about Mt. Miwa. While looking at Mt. Miwa, which has fascinated people, we will walk the way to Isonokami Jingu Shrine.

Explore burial mounds and shrines

Temples, shrines, archaeological sites, and burial mounds are scattered along the road.

If you get a little tired, there is also a coffee shop as a resting place. Don't overdo it and enjoy the trekking course at your own pace. If you find a small hill along the way, it's probably an old burial mound. There is an ancient burial mound that blends into the fields. You realize that this is a historical village because it blends in with nature.

Yatogi jinjya Shrine

Yatogi jinjya Shrine on the route of the Yamanobenomichi Road

When you look at the thatched roof, the times go back in an instant. The ancient Japanese buildings have a nice taste.

Sacred rocks

At the foot of Mt.Miwa, the belief that worships the sacred rock remains. The rocks that lie in the shrine's precincts, the rocks that quietly settle in the forest at the foot of the mountain, etc. are all quaint. The style of nature worship is the source of all beliefs.

It is a place where you can feel the origin of Japan.

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