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Nara City, the cradle of Japanese culture

Attractive tourist destinations in Nara Prefecture

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There are many tourist spots in Nara Prefecture.

Ohmiwa jinja Shrine
The photograph below is Ohmiwa jinja Shrine. This shrine is the oldest one in Japan.Mt.Miwa itself is a god, and often appears in ancient texts.

Ohmiwa jinja Shrine yamanobe-no-michi cock

This path is also the oldest one in Japan.The path runs for 15 kilometers from Kanaya, Sakurai city to Isonokami Shrine in Tenri city.

Hasedera Temple is famous for its peony.

This temple is famous for its peony,which blooms in the temple. This peony is in full bloom in 'Golden Week' May every year.

hasedera temple yamanobe-no-michi

This phrase means 'Three mountains of Yamato' ; which are Mt.Unebi, Mt.Kagu, Mt.Miminashi.
These three mountains often appear in old Japanese poems, and invite you to the romance of old times.

We recommend you to visit Asuka area too.

You can read about this tomb in textbooks of Japanese history.
They say that this tomb might be that of Soganoumako.This is a tourist spot of Asuka.

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